Life Goes On!

TREAD India runs centres for children in rural areas of Telengana and Odesha and surrounding areas to provide before and after school care. These centres promote healthy lifestyles to the children and their families, teaching the importance of education, self discipline and personal hygiene. Children learn the importance of hand washing, bathing and wearing clean … Continue reading Life Goes On!

Cause for Celebration!

It's that time of year again! Summer has arrived in Trinity Day Centre Kudunure, South India so school has now been reduced to half days as it is too hot to attend all day. This is clearly very good news for these children as you can see from the cheerful faces! To mark this occasion … Continue reading Cause for Celebration!

Celebration at David Centre!

Whilst the children in TREAD's Project 200+ certainly live life on the edge of poverty, they still enjoy celebrating Teacher's Day. Here are some of the children in the David Centre thoroughly enjoying themselves! Read more about these children and others on the same Project 200+ in our previous blog Life on the Edge … Continue reading Celebration at David Centre!