Brooms and Coconuts

If you were taking a stroll around the small village of Kudunure, Telengana in South India last month you may have heard thudding sounds accompanied by lots of laughter coming from a small building in the centre of the village. Trinity Day Care Centre provides before and after school care for up to 100 children … Continue reading Brooms and Coconuts


Life on the Edge – Part 3

We have been looking at the way in which Project 200+ run by TREAD India Trust can bring hope for the future to some of the most disadvantaged children and families in southern India. This week we receive news from the third centre used by this project - Hannah centre in Dubattota. Rohan is 13 … Continue reading Life on the Edge – Part 3

Celebration at David Centre!

Whilst the children in TREAD's Project 200+ certainly live life on the edge of poverty, they still enjoy celebrating Teacher's Day. Here are some of the children in the David Centre thoroughly enjoying themselves! Read more about these children and others on the same Project 200+ in our previous blog Life on the Edge … Continue reading Celebration at David Centre!

Back to School!

It’s the beginning of July and all over Europe children are finishing school for the summer holidays. But in southern India, the summer holidays are over and the new school year has already begun. The climate being what it is in India, the heat becomes unendurable by mid April so schools shut until mid June. … Continue reading Back to School!

Summer Days!

As many of us in Europe continue suffering wintry weather with snow blizzards and cold winds, you will be happy to know that Trinity Day Care centre in Kudunure, South India is celebrating the start of summer! At the rear of TDCC building is a large play area and over the years Friends of TREAD … Continue reading Summer Days!