A Change of Lifestyle!

Grace Tailoring Centre is now in its 17th year and though run on a Christian foundation offers places to any girls/young women whatever their beliefs.
Aruna arunais one of this year’s students. She comes from a Hindu family who lives in an isolated tribal village in Odisha and Aruna studied at an Oriya medium school. Her father is a farmer and her mother a housewife and she has two younger sisters and a younger brother. Aruna heard about the Grace Tailoring centre from her aunt who was one of the students there 15 years ago. Now she herself is an active participant at the centre and is learning a number of life skills as well as all aspects of sewing.

Aruna at her sewing machine

She is aiming to become a good tailor to support her family and is thankful to TREAD and her sponsors for giving her this opportunity.

padmaPadma is also one of this year’s trainees and comes from another Hindu tribal village in Odisha. Her family struggles financially to cope – her father is a farmer and her mother does heavy seasonal labouring jobs to help keep Padma and her two younger sisters and two younger brothers. When they all became Christians they were persecuted by the Hindu villagers and forced to live outside the village. Before joining the Grace centre, Padma was going for daily laboring jobs to help the family finances. She was recommended to Grace Tailoring centre by her Pastor and is now doing well, despite some ongoing health problems. She is developing in confidence and life skills as well as learning a trade and everyone at the Grace Centre benefits from her lovely singing voice.


Padma looks forward to being able to help support her family once she has finished the one-year tailoring course and is grateful to TREAD and her sponsors for this opportunity to change her life!


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