When the Heat is On…


Here in Europe we have recently experienced some hot weather but spare a thought for those in the areas of southern India when temperatures regularly hover around 45 degrees. We asked Vasanth, TREAD’s Director who lives on the Sarah site in Podia, Odesha to bring us news of the living conditions in the area during the hot summer months.

he Street Children of Dubbatota are Carring Nutricious Grains from ICDS(Intigrated Child Development society

Most of the families rest under the trees in the afternoons. Some women here are selling homemade alcohol.The Hannah Parents Selling Alcohol at road side..The bore wells run dry so the minimum of water is used. This impacts on animals who go to the nearest river or pond to quench their thirst.

The Hannah Centre parents Taking water from bore well
Electricity is often off for 3– 5 days due to high wind so the families have to use kerosene lamps, candles and fire for cooking. The Hannah Centre Cooks Cooking in CentreHannah Centre - Child's Parent Cooking at homeFirewood has to be collected from the forest The Hannah Parents Getting Fire wood from forest[5502]

The Sarah Centre Parents getting Firewood and Forent product. to use at home

TREAD’s children are kept indoors in the halls or under the trees where the holiday club runs activities and games as well as advice to avoid sunstroke and malaria.

Summer Kid's Club with awareness program on Sun stroke & World Maleria Day

Older folk are vulnerable to sunstroke,

The Grand Parents also Going for part time work to support the familyThe Grand Parents also Doing Part time work at home to get money

whilst children and families are often short of food as the parents can’t always work in such hot weather. The Street Children of David Centre are Standing on roadWhen they do go to work they have a choice of heavy manual labour or collecting forest products to sell.

Sarah Centre Childrens Parents are doing Daily wageHannah people carrying forest prods to sell

People will sit in a market for hours trying to sell tobacco, alcohol or other local products.

IMG-20180621-WA0020selling tobacco

The David Centre Parent Selling Street food in Weekly Market

Despite the difficulties, people still find time and energy to enjoy some music or celebrate a local festival.

Hannah community enjoying trad musicIMG-20180621-WA0021


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