Life on the Edge


Aiswarya is nine years old and lives in a tribal forested village in a remote part of southern India. Her family of six do their best to survive but there is little opportunity for employment so her father is a casual labourer, getting work when he can. He tries to supplement their diet by fishing in the rain season whilst their mother cares for the young children and supplements the family income when she can by working in the fields or collecting local forestry products.
aiswarya family

Into this bleak life of grinding poverty comes a ray of hope from TREAD’s Project 200+ at the Sarah Centre in Podia. Aiswarya now attends the centre before and after school each day. Her family are delighted for the provision of nutritional food each day for their young daughter as well as the opportunity to promote her education.

Aiswarya is very good at singing and dancing and loves drawing. Few children in this village have access to paper or pencils or the blackboards and chalk used in the Sarah Centre. She attends the project regularly whenever she can although sometimes has to stay at home to care for her younger sister if her mother gets work.

TREAD project helps  children like Aiswarya to receive the education they deserve and gives practical help to their families.

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