Life on the Edge Part 2


Another story of hope from TREAD’s Project 200 – this time from the David Centre. Director of TREAD India Trust Vasanth tells us:

“Narendra (on the left in photo) and Minakhi (on the right)  are brother and sister; they are from a very poor Christian family in Girkanpally community. Narendra is 9yrs old and studying in 5th Standard and Minakhi is 7yrs old and studying in 1st standard. They are good in learning action songs and playing group games with their friends. They attend the Centre every day and participate in all the project activities. Narendra and Minakhi are learning good behavior and manners to the elders of the centre. The both children are getting nutritious food from the centre and learning good hygiene practices.
Narendra’s father is only earner in the family to take care of three children. They lost their mother in the month of March 2018 due to Heart Problem and Asthma. It’s a sorrowful situation for the family.
His father goes for daily labor. He is struggling for his children and their better future. He is very grateful to God for the project 200+, supported by FOT sponsors and run by TIT.

Thank you for the great support by FOT through TREAD for the needy and deserving children of the Girikanpally community.”

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