Life on the Edge – Part 3

RohanWe have been looking at the way in which Project 200+ run by TREAD India Trust can bring hope for the future to some of the most disadvantaged children and families in southern India. This week we receive news from the third centre used by this project – Hannah centre in Dubattota.

Rohan is 13 years old and to his delight was selected to join Project 200+ where he can study with his friends. He comes from a family of five who are living a life of grinding poverty. All the family depend on forestry products to survive and on casual daily labouring jobs. His father is alcoholic and his mother struggles to keep the family afloat. At Project 200+ Rohan is being fed each day with nutritious food and is able to study so looks forward to a brighter future with more prospects.

Rohan and mother



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