Brooms and Coconuts

If you were taking a stroll around the small village of Kudunure, Telengana in South India last month you may have heard thudding sounds accompanied by lots of laughter coming from a small building in the centre of the village.


Trinity Day Care Centre provides before and after school care for up to 100 children each day. Behind the building in the back garden are coconut palms planted some years ago by Friends of TREAD trustees to provide shade from the sun for the children at playtime. However whilst the coconuts produced by the trees are welcome, they have to be harvested as soon as they start to ripen to prevent them landing on your head when you least expect it.


So last month the children and staff of TDCC cut down the coconuts and also some of the bigger branches which are used to make brooms. You can see Draksha and Maryamma making brooms.


Once harvested the coconuts were given to the children to take home – a very welcome gift for everyone!


A real treat for the children and their families – as you can see from the smiles!


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