Life Goes On!

IMG-20200517-WA0029TREAD India runs centres for children in rural areas of Telengana and Odesha and surrounding areas to provide before and after school care. These centres promote healthy lifestyles to the children and their families, teaching the importance of education, self discipline and personal hygiene. Children learn the importance of hand washing, bathing and wearing clean clothes. breakfast and supper are given to them before and after school which can be a life saver to their families who are often struggling to survive on little or no wages with the help of local forestry products.

Since the restrictions imposed by coronavirus and subsequent shut down of schools and TREAD centres, TREAD India has continued to offer assistance to these families where they can, helping with distribution of food and soap and checking with families to ensure they are safe. Staff continue to keep the centre premises clean and in good repair.

Plans are afoot to make more use of the land to grow vegetables and fruit in coming months.


Trinity Day Care centre in Kudunure has a mango tree which is a source of delight to the children each year.

Mangoes were distributed last week to each child as well as a special package of soap and snacks to commemorate the birthday of TREAD’s late founder Dr Sounder Raj from his widow Ranji.


We are all living in strange uncertain times, but it’s good to see that these youngsters and their families are being supported by TREAD India.

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