Friends of TREAD is a UK registered charity 1081400 which was founded in 2000 to support the work of TREAD India Trust.

TREAD (Trinity Rural Educational Association for Development India Trust) is registered at its HQ “Shiloh” in Bhadrachalam,Telengana, South India and started its work in 1999.
TREAD aims to relieve poverty and advance education and health care in rural areas of Odisha,Telengana and Andhra Pradesh states. Its work is targeted at children, young people and their families.
Although run on Christian foundations, TREAD seeks to help children of any religion or creed and indeed two of its trustees are Hindu and Jain.
Friends of TREAD charity based in UK is the fundraising and publicity arm of TREAD. It raises awareness of the projects run by TREAD India by promotional events and deals with all the subsequent administration of funds raised, including communicating regularly with its supporters by mail, email, phone and website. The trustees enjoy a close working relationship with their Indian counterparts, making at least one annual trip to India to visit the projects and hold planning meetings with the trustees and staff. WHY SUPPORT FRIENDS OF TREAD?
As this charity is run by volunteers, overheads are kept to a minimum. Money raised in Europe goes a long way in India, so it costs little by our standards to care for a child. Yet the small sums that we offer can make all the difference in the world to a child. TREAD India Trust is able to address the immediate needs of the local communities because its trustees and staff live and work in the areas where they are known and respected. Representatives of the local communities are always consulted about any project undertaken and the dialogue is ongoing. Money is wisely spent, with accounts inspected locally by the Indian Government.

For more information on TREAD projects, go to our website http://www.friendsoftread.org/.