Back to School!

It’s the beginning of July and all over Europe children are finishing school for the summer holidays. But in southern India, the summer holidays are over and the new school year has already begun. The climate being what it is in India, the heat becomes unendurable by mid April so schools shut until mid June. … Continue reading Back to School!

A Change of Lifestyle!

Grace Tailoring Centre is now in its 17th year and though run on a Christian foundation offers places to any girls/young women whatever their beliefs. Aruna is one of this year’s students. She comes from a Hindu family who lives in an isolated tribal village in Odisha and Aruna studied at an Oriya medium school. … Continue reading A Change of Lifestyle!

Summer Days!

As many of us in Europe continue suffering wintry weather with snow blizzards and cold winds, you will be happy to know that Trinity Day Care centre in Kudunure, South India is celebrating the start of summer! At the rear of TDCC building is a large play area and over the years Friends of TREAD … Continue reading Summer Days!